What Is MoleMap?

It's About Skin Cancer Prevention

MoleMap is the world's most advanced melanoma detection system. MoleMap's cutting-edge technology allows accurate diagnosis, tracking and treatment of melanoma at the earliest possible stage.

What Is MoleMap?

MoleMap a computerized mole mapping system which allows us to create an accurate set of photos of your moles. A specialized high resolution camera is connected to a system that immediately organizes and archives the photos to our database.

How Does MoleMap Work?

We are able compare your moles with photos from your initial visit and find immediately new or changed moles on your body. You can also get a copy of your photos on CD for self examination at home. For the first time patients with multiple moles can feel safe that no changed or new mole will be missed.

Why Should I Get MoleMap Done?

Skin cancer is one of the most common cancers world wide. Melanoma ('black skin cancer') is one of the most dangerous cancer types and leads to thousands of deaths per year. Early detection of skin cancer provides the best chance to cure and survive.

Melanoma starts as small spot on your skin, grows over time and the cancer eventually spreads to other organs in your body. When detected early and action is taken, the cure rate is over 95%.

MoleMap Tracks Your History

With MoleMap all of moles are digital archived. This not only allows them be viewed in detail, but lets us track any changes to your existing moles. Being able to track how a mole changes over time is key for effective treatment.