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About MoleMap

MoleMap.ca was designed to increase the early detection rate for malignant melanoma. Melanoma is one of the deadliest cancers and the rate of this malignancy is skyrocketing in recent years. The risk factors include but are not limited to: fair skin, multiple moles, multiple freckles, suntanning and sunburns and a positive family history.

Mole and melanoma diagnosis is an exceptionally challenging area of dermatology. Early, potentially curable melanomas may be easily missed during an annual routine physical examination because the diagnostic clues may be very subtle. Unfortunately, many primary care physicians do not have the specific medical training and office technology for this important field of medicine.

Specialized Medicine

Dermatology is an official medical specialty. Dermatologists are recogized as authentic skin specialists. In Canada, Dermatology is a five year residency programme after medical school. A significant proportion of training is devoted to the early diagnosis and treatment of skin cancer.

Dr. Kenneth Alanen has triple certification in Dermatology (FRCPC), Dermatopathology (ABP/ABD) and Pathology / Laboratory Medicine (FRCPC). He had extensive postgraduate training in cutaneous surgery and is a Fellow of the American Society of Dermatologic Surgery.

Over the last decade Dr Alanen has developed a subspecialty interest in the diagnosis and treatment in the early diagnosis and treatement of moles and skin cancer - a natural extension of his formal training. He has lectured locally, nationally and internationally on this subject. Dr Alanen has developed the first Dermatopathology Fellowship Programme at the University of Alberta. He has helped develop national and provincial guidelines for care of patients with malignant melanoma.

We are passionate about the early diagnosis of malignant melanoma. Credentials, experience, technology and a team approach make this possible.